We Do Love You…please don’t pull a “**Ride”

May 3, 2010


My favorite songstress and DIVA, Beyonce, is working on the video for her hidden track, “Why Don’t You Love Me” – from “I Am/Sasha Fierce” . Yes – she is still releasing music from her 2008 release.  The girl got hits…why not?

The opening video (see above) is a “teaser” to the main video which looks to be released in the near future.  From the looks of it, my girl B had too much fun during the filming of “Telephone” with the infamous Lady Gaga.   The teaser has the same toy-candy-bubble-gum-push-the-envelope vibe…and it frightens me.   She’s even playing the role of “B.B. the Home-wreckermaker” – seriously B?  That sounds like you spent too much time hanging with Alicia Keys. 

I digress – It frightens me because the track, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” is a good song, it has a dance club vibe – what dancer wouldn’t love that – and the lyrics are memorable.  “…why don’t you love me? When I make me so damn easy to love…”  “I got beauty, I got class…I got style, and I got a$$…and you don’t even care to care…”

Per the album credits, it looks like baby sis hair looks like a dirty tennis ball Solange made some contributions.   Which may account for the memorable lyrics – I’ll give Solange credit…she’s not the best singer, but she’s a pretty good writer…sometimes. 

B – you’re true fans love do love you and even the ones that always have a critical point of reference for you that hate you still love you.  No need for thigh highs, high heels,  the open shirt or bending over in front of car,  I know it’s just a character, and I know it’s just a video, but set the bar higher.   Unless this is a continuation of “Telephone” I don’t want to see the same caliber of video from you anymore.   

My dream treatment for this video would go somthing like this:  Flashback Scene: Beyonce playing the hard-working wife, doing any and everything for her man; but he doesn’t care.  Main Scene: Beyonce in 70’s glamour on stage solo with laser lights in the background to look futuristic.  Scene swaps back and forth…in the end the ungrateful husband comes home to find everything gone…except his TV showing Beyonces stage performance…asking the question, “Why Don’t You Love Me?”  

Wishful thinking…but I still love you B!

**Ride: although I don’t mention too much about this video, there will be a post about the video that Ciara made for her latest single, “Ride” that looks like it should be #1 on BET’s UnCut – if it still existed.


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