February 11, 2010


 Welcome you!! Welcome to the world of SuchALady – a lady-like view on this amazing world we live in and the encounters that I experience throughout my fabulous life.  I’m a optimisic realist, who is easily entertained, but is no longer surprised by the attention-whore tactics of the poor souls of our society.  

This blog will be full of random ideas, interesting commentary, and things you might be ashamed to laugh, cry, or get angry about.   **those moments when you look around to make sure no one knows how you REALLY feel**

You are far too kind to take the time out of your day full of life to come get a slither of what has occurred in mine.  **Jay-Z’s Thank You is playing in the background**  The support is much appreciated, and I am always aiming to please – so get ready for some good ish!