Well, well, well, Nicki Minaj is about to get tested…for real.  Homegirl has been making guest appearances all over the map with folks like Mariah Carey, Usher, Ludacris, and even the wonderful talent Robin Thicke.  Before her Barbie-animated-facials were plastered all over 106 & Nonsense Park, she was on the mix tape and youtube scene announcing that she was the last great hope for the female rap game. 

At the time, who could argue with her?  Lil’ PoorUnfortunateSoul Kim hasn’t had a hit in years, and her face doesn’t move; Eve can’t get a descent record deal to save her life; Queen Latifah has went Hollywood and fabulous on us – singing ballads and shyt; and Trina – as much as I love her first two albums – can’t even delete #hoshit out of her phone properly, let alone put together a hot album.   I’ll simply name-drop the other riff-raff for the sake of mentioning more names: Jackie No – O; Khia; Charli “paint-her-head-red” Baltimore; and the knuck if you buck chicks.   I had to scratch my head to come up with half of those.  Can you think of others worth mentioning?  Who am I missing?  I know there are some randoms out there…

So, Nicki – you kind of had a point, it’s unfortunate but you were right.  There is no competition out there for you, and you did the right thing – BANK of that ish.  But now, the streets are talking – and now the females that can rhyme and actually have something to talk about are stepping their game up.   The reality that a chick who has so-so skills but has a helluva gimmick can get on Grammy-Award winning artists shyt material is scary and ridiculous.  It’s scary that she can create such a hype about herself in such a short amount of time with a few eye twitches and pink hair extensions. 

I wish – cause you know we don’t live by the “hope creed” – that the talent that is moving around out there comes after Miss Minaj.  She thinks she has no competition, and that’s not healthy – nor is it fun for the music industry.  

Check the MC below that gives it to Nicki Minaj something fierce – I can’t wait to see the battles begin…CHALLENGGEEE!!