Thicke’s Therapy

February 25, 2010

"The man ya mama said, 'don't exist'"

Dr. Thicke

When I heard that Robin Thicke was coming out with another album – I had mixed feelings.  His previous work, “Something Else” was just that, something else.  Something that I wasn’t sure I wanted to EVER hear again.  Maybe it was the sophomore slump.  Maybe it was his attempt to go commercial – I mean shyt, he WAS dancing in the video, something we’ve NEVER seen from Mr. Thicke.  Hell, we were surprised when he would get up from the piano, or from playing the guitar and would twist that little @ss of his around stage.   Whatever it was, I’m glad he continued to evolve *cue the Evolution of Robin Thicke* and create the magnificence now called “Sex Therapy.”  

Word on the street is that Robin took some time and had some conversations with his wife <beautiful actress Paula Patton> about what it is that turns black women on.  As she is a black woman, her insight was a valuable resource for him, and he took full advantage of anything she had to enlighten him on.   

“Sex Therapy” is an intimate session of ooohhhs, aaaahhss, and umph, umph, umph.  The lead single “Sex Therapy” is an instant classic, with an unforgettable melody, and a hook that reminds all the stressed out, over-worked, uptight women that it’s their, “..body and they can scream if they want to.” Robin will give you sex therapy to calm all that down.   Other notables include: “Mrs. Sexy”, “Million Dollar Baby”, and “It’s in the Morning”.  My favorite from this compilation of therapeutic lullabies is “Make U Love Me” – where Mr. Thicke lets us know that he’s like Bigfoot, “…the man ya mama said, ‘don’t exist.'”  

I’ll pretend that “Something Else” didn’t exist – cause “Sex Therapy” is the real evolution of Robin Thicke as an artist, a sex symbol, and a panty-wetter that last one wasn’t very lady-like.  *wink*