My favorite songstress and DIVA, Beyonce, is working on the video for her hidden track, “Why Don’t You Love Me” – from “I Am/Sasha Fierce” . Yes – she is still releasing music from her 2008 release.  The girl got hits…why not?

The opening video (see above) is a “teaser” to the main video which looks to be released in the near future.  From the looks of it, my girl B had too much fun during the filming of “Telephone” with the infamous Lady Gaga.   The teaser has the same toy-candy-bubble-gum-push-the-envelope vibe…and it frightens me.   She’s even playing the role of “B.B. the Home-wreckermaker” – seriously B?  That sounds like you spent too much time hanging with Alicia Keys. 

I digress – It frightens me because the track, “Why Don’t You Love Me,” is a good song, it has a dance club vibe – what dancer wouldn’t love that – and the lyrics are memorable.  “…why don’t you love me? When I make me so damn easy to love…”  “I got beauty, I got class…I got style, and I got a$$…and you don’t even care to care…”

Per the album credits, it looks like baby sis hair looks like a dirty tennis ball Solange made some contributions.   Which may account for the memorable lyrics – I’ll give Solange credit…she’s not the best singer, but she’s a pretty good writer…sometimes. 

B – you’re true fans love do love you and even the ones that always have a critical point of reference for you that hate you still love you.  No need for thigh highs, high heels,  the open shirt or bending over in front of car,  I know it’s just a character, and I know it’s just a video, but set the bar higher.   Unless this is a continuation of “Telephone” I don’t want to see the same caliber of video from you anymore.   

My dream treatment for this video would go somthing like this:  Flashback Scene: Beyonce playing the hard-working wife, doing any and everything for her man; but he doesn’t care.  Main Scene: Beyonce in 70’s glamour on stage solo with laser lights in the background to look futuristic.  Scene swaps back and forth…in the end the ungrateful husband comes home to find everything gone…except his TV showing Beyonces stage performance…asking the question, “Why Don’t You Love Me?”  

Wishful thinking…but I still love you B!

**Ride: although I don’t mention too much about this video, there will be a post about the video that Ciara made for her latest single, “Ride” that looks like it should be #1 on BET’s UnCut – if it still existed.


...and Usher loves everyone...


His new album, Raymond vs. Raymond dropped on Tuesday.  His latest pleas of mercy singles have been in serious rotation on the R&B stations and his video for both “Daddy’s Home” and “Lil Freak” have done their thing on the new Cartoon Network 106 & Park.  Yes, as a true Usher stan fan I did download the album Tuesday night – however I haven’t taken the time to review…so this will be a “to be continued” and I will give my insight upon completing two full listening sessions of the R&B Prince’s new crooning collection.  

**Update: (April 5, 2010) iTunes and my iPod aren’t feeling each other right now, and I can’t upload the album so I can do my clean-and-listen routine.  If all else fails, I will just stay connected to S-dot for an evening of blogging and get the review in.** 

**Update: (April 20, 2010) So, I finally got a chance to listen to the album in its entirety, and no it’s not Confessions – but we all know there will never be another Confessions, *in my Smokey voice* “eva, eva, eva, eva, eva!!”  However, it’s a well put together album, and we can all tell that Usher did some growing up, did some freaky things, and still has a passion for his art.  

Favorite tracks include: 

  • “Lil Freak” – don’t judge me, but that beat, and Usher asking me to, “…let her put her hands in ya pants” kinda turns me on.
  • “There Goes My Baby” – an ode to the “one” the one that makes you smile when they walk in a room, when they send you a sext text message, when their ringtone plays on your cell phone. 
  • “She Don’t Know” – the bad boy in Mr. Raymond, the one you really wanna screw hate to love.
  • “OMG” – dancers everywhere will fall in love with this one instantly – and it might be one of the freshest songs he has released in years. 

Unlike “Here I Stand” this isn’t a catalog of songs forcing the idea that Usher has grown up, and is on to bigger and better things.  “Raymond vs. Raymond” reminds us of why we fell in love with that sound in the first place, but let’s us know that he still has moves to make and room to grow.  

So yes, everyone will still love Raymond after this one.


Well, well, well, Nicki Minaj is about to get tested…for real.  Homegirl has been making guest appearances all over the map with folks like Mariah Carey, Usher, Ludacris, and even the wonderful talent Robin Thicke.  Before her Barbie-animated-facials were plastered all over 106 & Nonsense Park, she was on the mix tape and youtube scene announcing that she was the last great hope for the female rap game. 

At the time, who could argue with her?  Lil’ PoorUnfortunateSoul Kim hasn’t had a hit in years, and her face doesn’t move; Eve can’t get a descent record deal to save her life; Queen Latifah has went Hollywood and fabulous on us – singing ballads and shyt; and Trina – as much as I love her first two albums – can’t even delete #hoshit out of her phone properly, let alone put together a hot album.   I’ll simply name-drop the other riff-raff for the sake of mentioning more names: Jackie No – O; Khia; Charli “paint-her-head-red” Baltimore; and the knuck if you buck chicks.   I had to scratch my head to come up with half of those.  Can you think of others worth mentioning?  Who am I missing?  I know there are some randoms out there…

So, Nicki – you kind of had a point, it’s unfortunate but you were right.  There is no competition out there for you, and you did the right thing – BANK of that ish.  But now, the streets are talking – and now the females that can rhyme and actually have something to talk about are stepping their game up.   The reality that a chick who has so-so skills but has a helluva gimmick can get on Grammy-Award winning artists shyt material is scary and ridiculous.  It’s scary that she can create such a hype about herself in such a short amount of time with a few eye twitches and pink hair extensions. 

I wish – cause you know we don’t live by the “hope creed” – that the talent that is moving around out there comes after Miss Minaj.  She thinks she has no competition, and that’s not healthy – nor is it fun for the music industry.  

Check the MC below that gives it to Nicki Minaj something fierce – I can’t wait to see the battles begin…CHALLENGGEEE!!

Seriously Diddy?

March 1, 2010

For the past year I’ve been hearing this and that regarding Diddy and his “Dirty Money” fiasco. However, I didn’t know it had actually become a reality until I my thumb accidentally landed me on BET at 5:45PM CST and 106 & Park was on. The next vid on deck was “Angels” (Remix ft. Rick Ross) – and at first it looked interesting. But then at about the 1:40 mark, my mouth dropped and I LMFAO!! Diddy, you’re my dude – I have mad respect for you, your style, and your hustle. However, this madness is damn shame what they did to that dog.

Please cancel this shyt soon!!

That’s all.

Thicke’s Therapy

February 25, 2010

"The man ya mama said, 'don't exist'"

Dr. Thicke

When I heard that Robin Thicke was coming out with another album – I had mixed feelings.  His previous work, “Something Else” was just that, something else.  Something that I wasn’t sure I wanted to EVER hear again.  Maybe it was the sophomore slump.  Maybe it was his attempt to go commercial – I mean shyt, he WAS dancing in the video, something we’ve NEVER seen from Mr. Thicke.  Hell, we were surprised when he would get up from the piano, or from playing the guitar and would twist that little @ss of his around stage.   Whatever it was, I’m glad he continued to evolve *cue the Evolution of Robin Thicke* and create the magnificence now called “Sex Therapy.”  

Word on the street is that Robin took some time and had some conversations with his wife <beautiful actress Paula Patton> about what it is that turns black women on.  As she is a black woman, her insight was a valuable resource for him, and he took full advantage of anything she had to enlighten him on.   

“Sex Therapy” is an intimate session of ooohhhs, aaaahhss, and umph, umph, umph.  The lead single “Sex Therapy” is an instant classic, with an unforgettable melody, and a hook that reminds all the stressed out, over-worked, uptight women that it’s their, “..body and they can scream if they want to.” Robin will give you sex therapy to calm all that down.   Other notables include: “Mrs. Sexy”, “Million Dollar Baby”, and “It’s in the Morning”.  My favorite from this compilation of therapeutic lullabies is “Make U Love Me” – where Mr. Thicke lets us know that he’s like Bigfoot, “…the man ya mama said, ‘don’t exist.'”  

I’ll pretend that “Something Else” didn’t exist – cause “Sex Therapy” is the real evolution of Robin Thicke as an artist, a sex symbol, and a panty-wetter that last one wasn’t very lady-like.  *wink*

Say Something

February 17, 2010

Every time I think I’m SICK and TIRED and SICK and TIRED of hearing the boy Drake, he goes and does some hot ish like this. Good look Timbo!!


February 11, 2010


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